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    The Piaggio Ape is an Italian three-wheeled microcar that's popular in Europe thanks to its small size and practicality. It's also popular among customizers and tuners, as it makes for an incredibly fun racing vehicle when treated to the right mods. This one's had its rear cargo area removed, and a new frame with an integrated roll cage added for safety. There's also a racing bucket seat and a 600-cc three-cylinder motorcycle engine installed, sending power to the rear wheels via a chain drive. The owner has even treated it to a Martini livery and applied a decal of the Lanca Delta Integrale's grille to the front. Clever. This "Ape Proto" put on one hell of a show, getting sideways and spraying ice everywhere. It will make you want to import an Ape and build one like this ourselves. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxCqBrEGgPo&feature=emb_title