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Auberon exoskeleton takes the strain out of firefighting...

Yesterday, 10:54 AM

Posted by kya100 in Tech News
Piston-pumped legs and a specially-designed frame allow Auberon to lighten the load for firefighters
Bounding up numerous flights of stairs when the elevator is out is punishing enough for our legs and lungs, but imagine having to do so while carrying heavy equipment needed to extinguish a blazing high-rise fire. Such a scenario has prompted specialist vehicle manufacturer Trigen Automotive to work with Singapore's Civil Defence Force to develop Auberon, a purely mechanical exoskeleton designed to take the strain out of carrying emergency equipment up to tower-top fires.
Trigen says that the breathing apparatus, hose lines, nozzles, power tools and more which often make up a firefighter's emergency toolkit can all add up to 40 kg (90 lb) of back-punishing weight, particularly when having to climb flights of stairs in a burning tower. Such equipment becomes much less of a burden when mounted to the Auberon Pneumatic Exoskeleton's specially-designed frame.
The electronics-free solution sees two 6.8 liter compressed air tanks powering the exoskeleton, which is reported enough to get a firefighter up and down 12 stories of stairs three times and still have a little to spare. Importantly, the design keeps a firefighter's hands free to tackle the task of putting out a fire, while reducing the heavy burden on the shoulders and back by passing the weight through the exoskeleton and on to the ground via the footplate.
Pneumatic pistons on the legs help the first responder get into an easy stride, making an otherwise daunting stair climb much less of a physical challenge. And should the situation call for the firefighter to escape from the exoskeleton, a quick release mechanism has been included.
"Auberon demonstrates Trigen Automotive's recognition of the essential and demanding work carried out by firefighters worldwide," said the company's Lim Joo Siang. "We have worked very closely with emergency services to understand their challenges on the ground and engineered a reliable solution that mitigates the harsh conditions faced by firefighters in high-rise firefighting."
Source: Trigen Automotive

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Successful maiden flight for Sun Flyer 2 electric airplane

Yesterday, 10:53 AM

Posted by kya100 in Tech News
Another small electric airplane took to the skies recently in the form of Bye Aerospace's prototype Sun Flyer 2, which made its maiden flight on April 10 at Centennial Airport south of Denver, Colorado. With a gross weight of 1,900 lb (860 kg), the two-seater prop-driven aircraft has a 3.5-hour flight duration thanks to its six lithium-ion battery packs and is intended as a pilot trainer.
This first flight of the Sun Flyer 2 is the latest step in the prototype's flight test program in the run up for full FAA certification. The tests are focused on the LG Chem MJ1 lithium-ion battery cells that have an energy density of 260 Wh/kg and are designed for quick charging while providing increased speed, altitude and endurance capabilities. 
The prototype is made out of lightweight composites (mainly carbon fiber), has a low-set cantilever wing, bubble canopy, fixed tricycle undercarriage, and is propelled by a single electric motor in tractor configuration (the propellor in front of the engine). It was built by Arion Aircraft of Shelbyville, Tennessee and delivered in March for the tests. 
Along with the larger four-seater Sun Flyer 4, which is currently under development, Bye Aerospace says that the Sun Flyer 2 is aimed at the general aviation market with a special focus on the pilot training sector thanks to its low-noise profile and inexpensive running costs.
"We are excited about the future and the potential the Sun Flyer family of aircraft has to revolutionize general aviation, providing improved affordability and accessibility," says George Bye, Founder and CEO of Bye Aerospace. "Lower operating costs are key to solving the student pilot dropout rate, which is curtailing the successful attainment of badly needed airline pilots. The Sun Flyer 2's three dollar hourly operating costs are 10 times lower than traditional piston-engine flight trainers, with no carbon emissions and significantly reduced noise."
Source: Bye Aerospace

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Yamaha and Auto Fabrica release limited edition Type 11 r...

Yesterday, 10:53 AM

Posted by kya100 in Tech News
Yamaha is keen to highlight the custom building potential of its XSR900 cafe racer, sponsoring a series of "yard built" customs that take it in a number of different directions. This one's wacky enough to really catch our eye. UK custom house Auto Fabrica put together a retro-futuristic cafe racer it's calling the Type 11.
Inspired by automotive shapes of the '50s and '60s, the Auto Fabrica team hand-beat the metal for the distinctive forward-canted front bullet fairing shape. 
The seat unit is razor-thin and hypodermic-sharp. The wheels are carbon jobs from RST. The 3-into-3 exhaust is handmade and the fuel filler hides under a flip-up panel in the tank.
The dash is a Motologic unit flush fitted to the tank, the front fender is so thin it might as well not be there, and the way the round headlight fits into the aggressively curved front of the fairing is a refreshing and interesting touch.
The team built three prototypes to get to this point – Prototype 1 was built on a '70s-era XS750, and Prototype 3 was built on the XSR900 platform, but without any of the road gear, as a track bike to test the concept.
Prototype 2 is the road-going version, and it looks pretty nifty. Auto Fabrica will be producing it in a "strictly limited run," with first deliveries expected in the second half of the year. 
That three-cylinder 900cc engine, first seen in the MT-09 (FZ-09), is an absolute ripper, with compact dimensions, good looks and a roaring, torquey power delivery that's perfect for road riding. We reckon it's a brilliant base to build a bike on. Yamaha and Auto Fabrica will launch the Type 11 bikes this weekend at London's Iris Studios, so head down if you're in the neighborhood.
Source: Yamaha

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