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    No one at my site knew he was sick! I wish he would have said something about it but then again I don't think Mike wanted anyone feeling bad for him. I know one thing these sites won't be the same without him. You take care sweetheart and trust me it will get better !
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    My sincere condolences Cyberdawn as you know Mike was a moderator at my site Crusader Haven and I had made a forum for him to post his music videos and instruct others on how to play........It came a shock to not only myself but to all who knew him as a goodhearted man and a sense of humor that lifted others up and never tore them down. I have known Mike for many many years and we had some great conversations and he always had my back.......I will truly miss him ..if you get a chance please send me a P.M. and I will get you signed in as many there posted their condolences. R.I.P buddy ....tup14