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  2. Sean McDermott wants to mirror Steelers' culture with 'continuity, consistency' Sean McDermott wants to mirror Steelers' culture with 'continuity, consistency' Kyle Silagyi 14 hours ago Sean McDermott has not hidden his love of culture since taking the reins of the Buffalo Bills’ coaching staff in the 2017 offseason. The third-year head coach feels as though success on the field starts with a positive environment off it. He places great value in the immeasurable concept, at one point even admitting that “culture, to [him], trumps strategy.” Though it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact components that make a strong culture, it would be ignorant to say that McDermott has not instilled one at One Bills Drive. Buffalo has played some of its best football of the century under his tutelage, snapping its near two-decade playoff drought in McDermott’s first season in charge. His culture has only strengthened since then, as the Bills sit at 9-4 entering Week 15 of the 2019 campaign. With three games remaining in the season, Buffalo has already matched its highest win total of the 21st century. In a contemporary NFL that markets offensive-minded head coaches that find success via scheme, McDermott’s achievements stem from his commitment to culture. It’s a team-building strategy he’s partially taken from the Pittsburgh Steelers, his Week 15 opponent who has been an AFC powerhouse for much of the recent past. “You look at the way that Pittsburgh, just the organization, has done things and how they’ve built it, from the continuity and consistency that they’ve had in their high-level positions and the way they’ve been able to build it at the player level,” McDermott said. “I think the tradition speaks for itself, it really does. Mike [Tomlin], working with [general manager] Kevin [Colbert], I think that’s, again, outside looking in, has been a good relationship. “There have been tough times, there always is. The organizations I’ve been around have all been successful, and we’ve gone through some of those same times. But you weather the storm when you have good leadership and you’ve got consistency.” McDermott credits the success of Pittsburgh’s culture to its continuity and commitment to high-level executives, something that Buffalo has lacked since the organization’s fall from grace at the turn of the century. The Steelers have employed just two head coaches and two general managers since the 1992 NFL season, giving the organization an abundance of time to establish a winning culture. To put that into perspective, the Bills have employed five head coaches since Pittsburgh hired Mike Tomlin in 2007. The Steelers’ commitment to culture has resulted in longterm success, as the team has won two Super Bowl championships over the past 15 years. The team has appeared in the postseason in six out of the last 10 seasons. McDermott hopes to see his team’s already-strong culture one-day match that of Pittsburgh, something that he feels would only help the team on the field. “Overall, [culture] is a start,” McDermott said. “It’s a foundation. It’s part of, to me, the ingredients that help build the chemistry, and I’m a big believer in team chemistry as it relates to success on and off the field, but on the field in this case in particular. “Culture, it’s one thing to have team, it’s another thing to have culture. When you’ve got two, both those things, I think you’ve got a formula. Now, you have to have the strategy, you have to have the acumen and tactical strategy, but I’m a big believer in the culture. That’s one piece. It’s not everything, but it’s a piece.” Buffalo has the opportunity to clinch a playoff spot with a win over Pittsburgh this Sunday, an indication of the progress the team has made under McDermott over the past number of years. “I think we’ve moved that needle drastically since we’ve got here, in the entire building,” McDermott said. “It’s been a long time since this organization has been in a position like this, this late in the season, and we don’t take it lightly.” If you want a committed man, look in a mental hospital. LIVE Every Moment, LOVE Everyday ! Eh!....your moma dont live here!, PLEASE clean up after yourself!!
  3. Power rankings: Bills loss still earns respect in polls Nick Wojton 17 hours ago The Bills had a strong showing in Week 14, even in a loss to the Baltimore Ravens. Heading into Week 15, national media outlets reflected the Bills’ strong showing in their weekly power rankings. It doesn’t appear the loss hurt the Bills all that much. Here’s how Buffalo fell in various national media polls prior to Week 15: USA Today 11. Bills (9) They only need one more win to clinch second playoff berth in three years under Sean McDermott … but draw Steelers and Pats next two weeks. Touchdown Wire 7. Buffalo Bills (9-4. Last week: 7) When the Eagles shut down Michael Vick in the 2004 NFC Championship game, defensive coordinator Jim Johnson did it with a mush-rush as opposing to crashing his ends down on the hypermobile quarterback, and asking his linebackers and safeties to spy gaps in the defense as opposed to spying Vick himself. Current Bills head coach Sean McDermott was Johnson’s assistant secondary coach at the time, and there were elements of the Vick plan in Buffalo’s attempts to at least slow Lamar Jackson down on Sunday. It didn’t work on the scoreboard — the Ravens won their ninth game in a row with a 24-17 final — but Jackson was limited to a point. He did throw three touchdown passes, but managed just 145 passing yards on 16 completions in 25 attempts, and had just 40 rushing yards on 11 attempts. McDermott’s team doesn’t have much time to brood over this missed opportunity. They have the Steelers and Patriots on the docket next — and that’s bad news for quarterback Josh Allen, who looked anything but consistent against Baltimore’s defense. NFL.com 11. Bills (9-4) Previous rank: No. 10 It was another near miss against a conference powerhouse, but moral victories only go so far at this time of year. Credit the Bills’ defense for an inspired effort, limiting Lamar Jackson to just 145 yards passing and less than 4 yards per rush (Jackson entered the game averaging over 7.0 yards per carry in his likely MVP season). The problem for Buffalo was the offense. The Bills’ attack entered Sunday averaging more than 400 yards per game over the previous three weeks. But moving the ball was a chore against a strong Ravens defense: Josh Allen fumbled twice (losing one) and had just 89 yards passing with 10 minutes to play. Even Buffalo’s march into the red zone in the final minutes was entirely aided by 56 yards of Ravens penalties. The defense did its part on Sunday — Allen and the offense took a step back. Sports Illustrated 9. Buffalo Bills (9-4) Previous rank: 9 Points in poll: 169 Highest-place vote: 4 (1 voter) Lowest-place vote: 11 (2 voters) Last week’s result: Lost to Baltimore, 24-17 This week: at Pittsburgh More proof the Bills aren’t messing around this season, but the offense couldn’t get out of its own way long enough to mount an effective comeback. Shaky outing from Josh Allen (17-of-39, 146 yards, TD, 62.6 rating) against a defense that put him on the ground six times and recovered one of his two fumbles, but none of his receivers got open often enough to generate more than 37 individual yards. ESPN 10. Buffalo Bills (9-4) Week 14 ranking: 10 Offense: 22nd Defense: 8th Special teams: 24th On several occasions this season, the Bills’ defense held down the fort while Buffalo’s offense found its rhythm. Thanks to an improved pass rush and one of the NFL’s top secondaries, Buffalo is difficult to throw the ball against, allowing just 195 passing yards per game. The latest feather in its cap came this past week, when it held the Ravens’ league-best offense to just 225 yards in a 24-17 loss. Without its defense playing at an elite level, Buffalo would not be 9-4 with a shot at an AFC East title, given its struggles on offense and special teams. Yahoo! Sports 9. Buffalo Bills (9-4, LW: The Bills still seem like a sure bet for the No. 5 seed, and they should probably be rooting for the Texans to get the No. 4 seed. Houston seems like an easier matchup than the Chiefs or Titans. NBC Sports 12. Bills (9-4; No. 9): A playoff berth could hinge on a Week 17 win against the Jets. Bleacher Report 12. Buffalo Bills (9-4) High: 10 Low: 13 Last Week: 10 Week 14 Result: Lost vs. Baltimore 24-17 There’s no shame in losing to the Baltimore Ravens. Over the past two-plus months, that’s all teams have done when facing the Ravens. But the Bills had a chance to silence some doubters Sunday—and they failed. In fact, they may have amplified the doubts that swirled around the team. There were doubts as to whether Josh Allen could step up his game against a quality opponent. Against the Ravens, he did the opposite—managing just 17 completions on 39 attempts for 146 yards. There were doubts as to whether the Bills could beat one of the league’s best teams. The Bills have now played only three teams that presently sport winning records—games in which Buffalo sits at 1-2. The Bills are a good team. Barring a collapse in Week 17 against the New York Jets, Buffalo will win at least 10 games and probably make the playoffs. But Buffalo plays winning teams in each of the next two weeks in the Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots. If the team can’t at least get a split there, it will be awfully hard to see the Bills as more than a one-and-done team in the postseason. Sporting News 9. Buffalo Bills, 9-4 (10) The Bills move up because of their strong effort against the Ravens. Their defense contained Lamar Jackson, and unfortunately, Josh Allen couldn’t lift their offense enough in a tough matchup. They should have more confidence now, though, in their own chances to steal the division from the Patriots. CBS Sports 9. Bills (9-4) -1 The offense wasn’t close to being good enough against the Ravens. But the defense showed it could play with any offense in limiting the Ravens.
  4. 5 storylines to watch for during Bills at Steelers Sunday Night 5 storylines to watch for during Bills at Steelers The Buffalo Bills and Steelers will play a big-time, primetime game in Week 15 as the two AFC opponents will faceoff in a pivotal late season contest. Sunday Night Football will bear down on the Bills this week, and while Buffalo fell to the Ravens last week, they certainly held their own against the Cowboys during their Thanksgiving primetime showcase. With that, here are five storylines to follow as the Bills take on the Steelers: Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky) Playoff implications on Sunday night As mentioned, the Bills will have to handle their business in front of more eyes than usual this week. Buffalo and Pittsburgh will wrap up the Sunday slate of football at Heinz Field just a short drive from western New York. There should be a decent showing of Bills fans, and the team itself can be confident in their primetime abilities. Not only did they beat the Cowboys on the road, they also did so in the most watched Thanksgiving Day game in a couple of years. A lot of eyes saw that Bills team. But this time around this one some huge playoff implications. The 8-5 Steelers host the 9-4 Bills. A win and the Bills are in. A win and the Steelers jump the Bills and hit the first Wild Card spot. For head-to-head purposes and their own fates, this game is massive for both sides. Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen. (AP Photo/Adrian Kraus) Can Josh Allen bounce-back? Let’s face it. Buffalo quarterback Josh Allen wasn’t good against the Ravens last week. He started the game 2-for-10 passing, he couldn’t shake defenders, and when he did get his clear, clean chances to throw, Allen was off target. Every game isn’t going to be perfect, but a bounce-back outing is needed for the Bills quarterback. He’s certainly has a tough test in him this week if he’s going to do just that. The Steelers come into this one as the fifth-best overall defense in terms of yards allowed this year, averaging 310.9. The Steelers secondary also clocks in at No. 5, allowing 209.8 yards per game in the air. Last week against the No. 9 Ravens secondary last week, Allen completed less than half of his passes, 17-of-39 of them, for only 146 yards. Buffalo Bills offensive tackle Cody Ford. (AP Photo/John Munson) Will O-line have better outing vs. tough foe? Now, let’s be honest. It wasn’t all on Josh Allen last week. His offensive line was beyond brutal in front of him. Do the Patriots cheat? We don’t know (probably). But every single team in the NFL watches legal game film from the week before and you better believe the Steelers saw the Ravens’ gameplan against the Bills. A lot of blitzing. But the Steelers are even better than the Ravens at bringing the pressure. Uh oh. Sitting in a tie for the third-most sacks in the NFL with 12.5 this season is pass rusher TJ Watt. He’s also Pro Football Focus’ top-ranked edge defender with a 90.8 overall grade so far this season. Across from him is Bud Dupree, PFF’s 20th best edge defender, who has 13 tackles for loss, fourth-most in the NFL. And that’s just the two on the edges. On the inside of their defensive line is Cameron Heyward, Stephon Tuitt, and Javon Hargrave. PFF ranks them the second, fourth and ninth best interior linemen in the NFL, respectively, and they’re all on the same line. On Buffalo’s offensive line, Quinton Spain and Cody Ford saw their PFF grade’s take hits after last week’s outing against the Ravens Pittsburgh Steelers running back James Conner. Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports Will Steelers’ playmakers suit up? So far this week, they’re practicing. Beyond that, Pittsburgh head coach Mike Tomlin hasn’t committed to running back James Conner (shoulder) and No. 1 wideout Juju Smith-Schuster (knee) playing this week. Combined, they’ve both missed eight games. Smith-Schuster only has 38 catches for 524 yards this season in limited playing time, but he had a 1,400-yard season in 2018. Without him, James Washington and Diontae Johnson have filled the void. Without Conner, Benny Snell has done some heavy lifting in the backfield with Jaylen Samuels. Conner still leads the Steelers with 390 rushing yards despite missing time, too. Monitoring their health up until kickoff is a must for the Bills. Those two would provide a big boost to their team. Pittsburgh Steelers free safety Minkah Fitzpatrick. (AP Photo/Keith Srakocic) Can the Bills avoid turnovers? As the previous sections suggest, the Steelers have a good defense. But what really does it for them is their ball-hawk mentality. Their plus-12 turnover differential is second-best in the NFL, behind only the plus-19 of the Patriots. Overall, their 33 takeaways as a defense is the best in the league. Among the league-leaders in interceptions is Minkah Fitzpatrick, who was traded from the Dolphins to the Steelers for a first-round pick earlier this year. Once viewed as a huge steal by the Dolphins is now viewed as a really fair trade that’s going to work out for both sides. Behind Fitzpatrick, cornerback Joe Haden has four interceptions as well. In terms of fumbles, previously mentioned edge defenders lead the way. TJ Watt has five while Bud Dupree has four. For good measure, Watt also has two interceptions. Turnovers will kill any team, and the Steelers are good at taking the ball away. The Bills have to avoid that at all costs. prev 1 2 3 4 5 next Share this article 47 shares Like this article? Sign up for the Bills Wire newsletter to get our top stories in your inbox every morning Email More Stories Bills offensive line recognizes test ahead in Steelers Nick Wojton The Bills offensive line struggled against the Baltimore Ravens last week. Upcoming in Week 15, an even bigger test might be awaiting in the Pittsburgh Steelers. Buffalo quarterback Josh Allen was hit 12 times, sacked six times, and the Ravens had 12 total tackles for loss. With all those numbers in mind, here's another: The Steelers have 48 sacks, the most in the NFL. That could be a problem. Reflecting back on Wednesday, Bills center Mitch Morse said the type of game the Bills played last week is the type that causes some self-reflection. "I think there's definitely some good parts to...
  5. Latest updates on Patriots videotaping incident Latest updates on Patriots videotaping incident Nick Wojton 16 hours ago The New England Patriots find themselves in a battle with the Buffalo Bills for the AFC East title with three games remaining in the 2019 season. The Pats also find themselves in an investigation via the NFL which involved a videographer hired by the Patriots recording the Bengals sideline during Cincy’s Week 14 game against the Cleveland Browns. The Bengals are the Pats’ opponent this upcoming weekend. Since the initial report, which will of course draw the attention of Bills fans, here’s what has happened come about. The Patriots admitted to inadvertently violating league rules by videotaping the field from the press box last week. But the team explained it as nothing more than a videotaping of a documentary series for the team’s website. The Patriots went on to accepting responsibility for the incident. Eight minutes of footage of the Bengals’ sideline during their game against the Browns was found. NFL sidelines use headset systems to call-in plays to players, but an advantage can still be gained via other signals used on the sideline. The investigation is ongoing, but Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has spoken on the incident, too. He denies wrongdoing on his own part. “I have no involvement in this or knowledge of it,” Belichick said. “I really don’t have any idea what exactly is going on. I can tell you that we’ve never as a coaching staff — I personally have never used any video footage at all, anything that those production people have done other than what’s shown on public television or something like that. “We don’t have anything to do with what they do, so I really don’t have much knowledge of the situation at all.” Belichick’s Patriots were previously involved with other competitive advantage investigations, including Spygate and Deflategate. This investigation by the league into this latest incident is still ongoing. If you want a committed man, look in a mental hospital. LIVE Every Moment, LOVE Everyday ! Eh!....your moma dont live here!, PLEASE clean up after yourself!!
  6. Top 7 storylines for Bills at Steelers | Week 15The beat goes on for the Buffalo Bills as they look to lock down a playoff spot. They play their next two on the road, starting this Sunday night against a red-hot Steelers team. Pittsburgh has won three in a row and seven of their last eight, after starting the season with a 0-3 record. And this week’s game is a primetime showcase for the Bills and they will play their first Sunday Night Football game since 2007. Here are some of the top storylines this week as the Bills get set to head to Pittsburgh: 1. CLEAR CUT PLAYOFF PICTURE All it takes is a win, one win, for the Buffalo Bills to claim a playoff spot. The New York Times Playoff Machine says they’ve got a 95 percent chance to make the postseason now. But the battle in Pittsburgh could be viewed as a battle for the fifth seed — the Steelers’ 8-5 record puts them one game behind Buffalo for the fifth spot. The Steelers finish up with two road games, at the Jets and the Ravens. The Bills still must play at New England before finishing the regular season at home against the Jets. The Titans and the Texans might also be part of the late season juggling of the fifth and sixth seeds, so stay tuned. 2. BILLS LOOKING FOR OFFENSIVE RECOVERY Buffalo needs to regain its footing on offense after struggling to score 17 points and post 209 yards of production against Baltimore. It was the Ravens blitz that caused problems. Baltimore produced six sacks, blitzing on 67 percent of the Bills pass attempts, and totally disrupted Josh Allen and the Buffalo passing game. So why wouldn’t Pittsburgh, second in the league in sack percentage, do the same? “You never know,” Sean McDermott said this week. “It is a copycat league and we try and respect that as well, and make sure that we are dotting our “i's” and crossing our “t's” as relates to some of the challenges that we faced (Sunday), not just offensively but defensively and special teams as well.” RELATED LINKS Devin Singletary ranks among NFL leaders in this category plus 11 other noteworthy numbers from Week 14 Quick Hits | Buffalo's playoff path clear, but work to be done 3. STEELERS HAVE A ‘STEEL CURTAIN’ AGAIN The impetus behind Pittsburgh’s late charge for the postseason? It’s no secret — it’s the defense. The Steelers have given up an average of 16 points per game in their last eight, their 7-1 stretch. In five games before that, they surrendered 22 points per game. They’re the fifth-best defense in the league (Buffalo is third). They lead the NFL in sacks (48) and rank second in interceptions (18). They’re another serious challenge for a Buffalo offense that is still finding its’ way. “They’re really good,” Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll said. “They can rush the passer. They can stop the run. I think they’re first in takeaways, second in the league in negative plays, first in sacks. Good situational football team, they’re 7-1 in their last eight, 3-0 in their last three. They have a lot of good players. They have a good coaching staff.” 2,419 people are talking about this 4. OH BROTHER! There will be Edmunds’ on both teams Sunday night at Heinz Field. The Edmunds brothers from Ringgold, Virginia will be on both sides of the field. Bills linebacker Tremaine Edmunds is coming off one of his best games in the Ravens matchup. For the Steelers, his older brother Terrell plays strong safety. They were the first brothers selected in the first round of the same draft a year ago. Tremaine went to the Bills (16th overall); Terrell went to the Steelers (28th overall). But there’s more. The oldest brother Trey Edmunds was a free agent signee of the Steelers last year and he plays fullback. Trey has 22 carries this year and Tremaine might have to tackle him. Their father, former Miami Pro Bowl tight end Ferrell Edmunds, might have to wear his old Dolphins jersey Sunday night to avoid taking sides. 5. STEELERS PLAYMAKERS MAY BE READY TO RETURN A Pittsburgh offense that once featured Big Ben, LeVeon Bell, and Antonio Brown has fewer offensive standouts now. But they may get a couple of them back from injury this week. Wide Receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster reportedly is ready to return from a knee injury. He’s missed the last three games. Bruising running back James Connor may play Sunday night also. He’s missed the last three games with an injured shoulder that is likely to need surgery at the end of the season. 6. MIKE AND SEAN AND WILLIAM AND MARY It used to be the cradle of presidents. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Tyler and James Monroe all received degrees from the College of William and Mary in Virginia. Now, it looks like the cradle of NFL coaches. Both of Sunday night’s head coaches, Sean McDermott and Mike Tomlin, are graduates of William and Mary. They were teammates on the 1994 team there coached by Jimmye Laycock, who spent 39 years coaching the Tribe. McDermott credits Laycock’s organizational prowess in helping him establish his program in Buffalo. “Yeah, absolutely,” McDermott said this week. “He ran a pro-style program and I remember getting a handbook the very first summer camp and it was all rules, regulations, policies and procedures. It's probably somewhere in my basement now. He just did things the right way and for me going on campus. Mike [Tomlin] was there when I was a freshman, and what a great example of what it means to do things the right way both on the field as a captain the way he led the football team, and off the field as well.” 7. I’VE BEEN WAITIN’ 12 YEARS FOR SUNDAY NIGHT It’s back to the national TV stage for the Bills, and although the audience won’t be as big as Thanksgiving Day, it will be big. NBC’s Sunday Night Football is not just the highest-rated football broadcast, it has been the top-rated show on television for several years. The Bills haven’t played on Sunday night since November 2007, when they lost a brutal matchup to New England in Orchard Park. Overall, Buffalo has played 20 Sunday night games in history, winning 10 and losing 10.
  7. 1. Will Buffalo get the opportunity to see Baltimore again? The Bills don’t play the Ravens again on the regular season schedule but that doesn’t stop the players from believing they may see them again in the next month. Baltimore sits atop the AFC playoff picture as the No. 1 seed. For the two teams to meet again they would have to play in the AFC divisional or championship round. With Buffalo looking to clinch a playoff spot (right now Buffalo sits in fifth place) that means they would have to win at least one playoff game. “We want to win ballgames,” Jerry Hughes said. “We understand playing it close and keeping guys under their milestones is great but to go out and get a W against a playoff caliber team who we know we will see again. It’d be great to get that W and give the home crowd what they rightfully deserve.” If Baltimore and Buffalo meet again, the game will be played in Baltimore and not in front of 69,000 screaming Bills fans. “At the end of the day we know we can compete with anybody in the NFL,” Lorenzo Alexander said. “We know we’re going to see that team in the future. Obviously, we have Pittsburgh next week and have to finish out the season but with the confidence we have and way we’re playing we will definitely meet them again.” “Collect the tape tomorrow, come in, get that watched, and then, probably face them again later in the season,” Matt Milano said. 2. What Josh Allen has to do to improve Josh Allen had a tough day on Sunday. He completed just 17 of his 39 passes and fumbled twice while being sacked. Allen finished with 146 yards, the majority of which came during the second half. “I have to do a better job of finding completions early on. When they do show some of these pressures, finding the right answer and you hit one or two of those and maybe it deters them from bringing it again,” Allen said. The Ravens blitz at the highest percentage in the league and made Allen aware of that. Baltimore had six sacks and didn’t allow Allen to take off and run at any point. “They had some success with it and it’s something that I’m going to learn from. We’ll look on tape and see what we can do to try to counteract that and like I said, we lost by seven points to a really good team. We’re not going to let one game define us, and one game make us. We’re looking for number 10 and we have a really good Pittsburgh team we’re playing next week.” RELATED LINKS Top 3 things we learned from Bills vs. Ravens | Week 14 Quote Sheet | No moral victories for the Bills after a tough loss to Baltimore Best of Ravens vs. Bills Game Photos | Week 14 3. Cole Beasley’s advice for Dawson Knox Dawson Knox has had his rookie season ups and downs. He’s earned cheers for his long catches and his physical running style, but he’s also heard boo’s when he drops passes. Both were on display against Baltimore. Knox dropped a crucial third down pass but then made up for it with a one-handed 37-yard catch that led to a Buffalo touchdown. “The big play gave us a lot of juice and he’s done stuff like that all year,” Cole Beasley said. “And I told him he had a drop early, that’s alright don’t worry about it, the great ones that stick around are the ones that come back strong and make a play later. He did that and has done that every time. A big fan of that guy.” Knox’s one catch was enough to lead the Bills in receiving yards. He was targeted four times on Sunday.
  8. Top 3 things we learned from Bills vs. Ravens | Week 14 [/url] Buffalo Bills defensive end Jerry Hughes (55) sack of Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson (8) Buffalo Bills vs Baltimore Ravens, December 8, 2019 at New Era Field. Photo by Bill Wippert 1. Bills defense came to play Against an offense that had been running roughshod over the rest of the league, Buffalo’s defense was instrumental in keeping the Bills in the game against the Ravens on Sunday. Baltimore’s offense averages 420 yards per game with 208 on the ground and 212 through the air. Buffalo held them to just 257 total net yards in the seven-point loss. “I think they had 90-something yards in the first half,” said head coach Sean McDermott of the Ravens offense. “Second half Hayden Hurst came up with a big play. We busted and had a lack of execution there. But overall I thought our defense did a phenomenal job.” A big reason why the Bills defense held Baltimore down was their ability to get off the field on third down. The Ravens offense had the lowest three-and-out percentage in the league entering Sunday’s game at just 10.7 percent. Not counting the kneel down possessions at the half and end of the game, Buffalo’s defense sent the Ravens three-and-out on five of their other 12 possessions (41.6%). "Tip our hats to our coaching staff, they did a fantastic job of getting us ready, making sure that everybody understood their jobs and what they needed to do,” said Jerry Hughes, who had a sack and a pair of quarterback hits. “That helps us to go out there and play fast." In fact, the Ravens were just 3-11 on third down conversions, for their lowest success rate of the season (27%). Baltimore came to Buffalo averaging just two punts per game. On Sunday they punted seven times. “We held our own,” said Micah Hyde. “We did a pretty good job, got a takeaway, got some three and outs, and at the end of the game we gave ourselves a chance to win.” The defensive front did an admirable job slowing down the Ravens vaunted rushing attack, holding them to just 118 yards rushing on the day, also a season low, and a yards per carry average of 3.6, which is two full yards below their season average. Perhaps most impressive was the way they were able to keep Lamar Jackson under wraps, holding him to his lowest rushing total this season in games in which he had at least five rushes. Jackson had just 40 yards rushing on 11 carries. “I thought we did a pretty good job of cage rushing him and keeping him in the pocket,” said Lorenzo Alexander. “Obviously he made some good throws but overall I thought we did a good job as far as handling what they do and not getting flustered at all.” “Obviously we didn’t get the result we were looking for,” said McDermott. “Hard fought game both sides. That’s a good football team. Give them credit. We’ve got to learn from some things that happened today to ultimately make us a better and stronger football team going forward.” RELATED LINKS Best of Ravens vs. Bills Game Photos | Week 14 What's this? Tre'Davious White investigates play cards found on the field 2. Devin Singletary provided a spark Buffalo’s offense was stuck in neutral early in the game. Coach McDermott pointed specifically to a lack of execution in the fundamentals of passing and catching. After going three-and-out on their first two possessions, Buffalo went four-and-out and then three-and-out on a lost fumble by Josh Allen. The offense finally found a rhythm in the second quarter when they decided to ride Devin Singletary. After totaling four net yards on their first four possessions, Singletary gained 42 on seven carries leading to the team’s first scoring drive as Stephen Hauschka put a 48-yarder up and through to finish it off. “He made some plays for us,” said Josh Allen of the rookie back. “He made some good runs. He made some guys miss. Our guys up front did a good job of opening some good lanes for him. He’s a real threat for us and we’ve got to continue to get him going.” Singletary had four of the team’s eight longest plays from scrimmage that did not involve penalty yardage, with the biggest being his 38-yard run in the fourth quarter that led to the team’s only touchdown. “I saw a big hole,” said Singletary of that play. “The offensive line got a lot of push. My receiver got his block on his side so all I had to do was run.” By game’s end he had contributed 118 total yards in the game to account for just over 56 percent of the team’s total yardage on offense. But even Singletary knew their inconsistencies on offense ultimately cost them. “In the beginning we got off to a slow start,” he said. “They gave us some issues that we had to address. So it was tough throughout the game. We know what we did. We’re going to go back and watch the tape and see what we’ve got to fix. We know we’ve got the team, so we’re going to stick together and keep fighting.” 3. Field position played major role in game Coach McDermott admitted the lack of execution on offense was a critical factor in falling behind to the Ravens early forcing the Bills to play catchup. But what also contributed to that deficit was the poor field position on both sides of the ball. Baltimore was the beneficiary of short fields on three of their four scoring drives, which only had to cover 27, 24 and 51 yards to put points on the board. “That was big,” said McDermott. “They’re a good football team. They had some favorable field position in the first half in particular and then some in the second half, in the fourth quarter when they got the score there. Give them credit.” Bills punter Corey Bojorquez had some trouble on his kicks. After a 67-yard boomer to start the game, his 35-yard effort set the Ravens up at the Bills 45-yard line. The Ravens got a field goal from that drive start. Later in the first half a Josh Allen fumble on a sack led to a Baltimore possession at the Buffalo 24. Five plays later they were in the end zone. Bojorquez also had a 29-yard punt in the fourth quarter that only reached the Baltimore 49, and the Ravens got a touchdown on that possession as well. “At times I thought Corey punted well, but at times I thought he’d want some of those back,” said McDermott. Buffalo’s head coach also lamented the inability of his offense to take advantage of some favorable field position. “We didn’t get into a good offensive rhythm early and the field position was not in our favor,” McDermott said. “And when you do have favorable field position, we have to do something with it. I thought we had a chance with the turnover there when we got the takeaway.” The Bills got an extra possession late in the first half off a Tremaine Edmunds interception, but gained just five yards on six plays forcing them to punt.
  9. What Bills fans need to know about the AFC playoff race | Week 14 Maddy Glab MULTI-MEDIA JOURNALIST Buffalo Bills cornerback Tre'Davious White (27) causes fumble Buffalo Bills vs Miami Dolphins, October 20, 2019 at New Era Field. Photo by Sara Schmidle Week 14 is here, which means we are in the final month of the regular season. December also brings about a slew of scenarios in which teams can clinch the playoffs. Yes, some may be off the wall, but, here in Buffalo, we all know crazier things have happened. The Bills host the Ravens on Sunday who have currently won their last eight games and sit at a six point favorite. Buffalo is riding a three-game win streak for the second time this season. These two teams are the only in the NFL to have three 400-yard rushers. Quarterbacks Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen combine for 1,407 rushing yards—the first time in NFL history that two opposing QBs will meet and combine for such yards. We are looking at the new wave of NFL QBs in this matchup. The game will also feature two top ten defenses as the Bills are No. 3 and the Ravens No. 9. All this combined has the makings of a great game. On top of that, both teams are playing to punch their ticket to the playoffs in Week 14. A win against the Bills would mean the Ravens are heading to the postseason. For Buffalo, it’s not as simple. This time, we don’t need Andy Dalton’s help, at least for now. To earn a spot, the Bills need to beat the Ravens, Oakland needs to lose or tie to Tennessee, Houston must suffer a loss to Denver and Indianapolis must take the L or tie to Tampa Bay. So, let’s break it all down. Table inside Article AFC Teams Overall record (conference record) 1. Baltimore Ravens 10-2 (6-2) 2. New England Patriots 10-2 (6-2) 3. Houston Texans 8-4 (7-2) 4. Kansas City Chiefs 8-4 (6-3) 5. Buffalo Bills 9-3 (6-2) 6. Pittsburgh Steelers 7-5 (6-3) 7. Tennessee Titans 7-5 (5-4) 8. Oakland Raiders 6-6 (4-4) TITANS (7-5, 3-3 Away) at RAIDERS (6-6, 5-1 Home) 4:25 PM ET on CBS Best scenario for the Bills = Oakland to lose or tie. 3 reasons for optimism on why Tennessee can beat Oakland 1. The Oakland Raiders are pretty good at home - their lone home loss came at the hands of the AFC West-leading Chiefs . But, the Raiders have struggled as of late, losing the last two games to the Jets and the Chiefs. Tennessee comes into this game as a two-and-a-half point favorite. So, far it’s looking good for the Titans and the Bills. 2. Let’s talk about the Tennessee Titans, or should I say Tannehill Titans. Yes, they are 3-3 on the road but they have a three-game win streak going. Over the last three games Tennessee has racked up 108 points. Since Week 7, the Titans have the second highest scoring offense in the NFL totaling 178 points. The Raiders have the 20th ranked defense and allow an average of 27 points per game. My crystal ball is telling me we will see a healthy dose of Titans touchdowns in this game. 3. When it comes to offensive yards, Oakland averages more yards per game than Tennessee at 345.8, but the Titans score more points per game than the Raiders with 23. Titans running back Derrick Henry will be a huge asset against a Raiders rushing defense who only allows 103.6 rushing yards per game. In the last three games, Henry is averaging 165.3 rushing yards per game and has scored five touchdowns. 1 guess on how the game plays out The Titans are too hot right now to be stopped by a Raiders team who has lost four of the last seven games.
  10. NFL analysts' game predictions | Bills vs. Ravens in Week 14 CBS Sports, Pete Prisco This is one of the best games of the week. The Ravens are rolling and they are the best team in the league right now, but this will be a big proving game for the Bills. Can that defense slow Lamar Jackson? Will Josh Allen outplay him? I think this will be close with both quarterbacks playing well. Upset special. Pick: Bills 21, Ravens 20 NFL.com, Gregg Rosenthal Teams change. The Ravens defense transformed from solid to stellar just as Lamar Jackson took off into the stratosphere. I was slow to identify Buffalo's defensive transformation in November after a mostly disappointing first two months. LB Matt Milano has gone from a liability to a star again. Top-10 pick Ed Oliver is now making a huge impact. Head man Sean McDermott is coaching with more aggression. And most importantly, Josh Allen is making far better decisions in the best stretch of his career while getting more help from rookie RB Devin Singletary. The Ravens are catching the Bills at the wrong time. The Bills are catching the Ravens at the wrong time. That makes it the right time to enjoy another Ravens slugfest win where Jackson is the difference. Baltimore 24, Buffalo 17 Related Links Josh Allen to showcase his big heart on game day by wearing a pair of custom cleats 7 things to watch for in Bills vs. Ravens | Week 14 3 key matchups to follow for Bills vs. Ravens | Scouting Report NFL.com, Akbar Gbajabiamila Bills do what 'Hawks, Pats and Niners couldn't vs. Ravens It feels like Lamar Jackson is untouchable right now. He has carved up defenses left and right heading into this weekend's contest with Sean McDermott's stingy, third-ranked defense. Even though this matchup involves two of the AFC's three teams with nine-plus wins, it feels like it could be over quickly, given how well Jackson has played of late. It may feel that way, but it won't happen. The Bills find a way to do what the Seahawks, Patriots and 49ers couldn't do this season: They defeat Jackson and the Ravens. ESPN.com, Jamison Hensley and Marcel Louis-Jacques What to watch for: Baltimore's Lamar Jackson leads all quarterbacks in rushing yards (977 yards), while Bills QB Josh Allen leads all quarterbacks in rushing touchdowns (eight). Combined, the signal-callers' 1,405 rushing yards entering Sunday's game marks the most by opposing quarterbacks in NFL history. -- Marcel Louis-Jacques Bold prediction:Mark Ingram II, not Jackson, will lead the Ravens in rushing. Since Week 8, Buffalo has allowed the NFL's fourth-most rushing yards in between the tackles (530), and Baltimore has gained the most (718). Ingram does most of his damage with physical running inside. -- Jamison Hensley Hensley's pick: Ravens 24, Bills 16 Louis-Jacques' pick: Bills 21, Ravens 17 The Athletic, Sheil Kapadia Bills (+5.5) vs. Ravens The Bills have a lot going in their favor here. They’re at home, they got extra rest from the Thanksgiving Day game, and the Ravens are coming off of a physical game Sunday against the 49ers. San Francisco’s strategy on option runs was to crash the running back, make Lamar Jackson keep the ball and then punish him with big hits. It’ll be interesting to see if the Bills employ a similar approach. It seems like we’re seeing a market correction after the Ravens covered five weeks in a row prior to Week 13. This feels like a field goal game either way. The pick: Bills (+5.5) Sporting News, Tadd Haislop The Ravens are easily the hottest team in the NFL and the new No. 1 in Sporting News' power rankings. Yet there are the Bills, chilling just one game behind the new Super Bowl favorites in the win-loss column. Nobody will confuse Josh Allen for Lamar Jackson, but the Buffalo quarterback is coming off a performance in Dallas that was highlighted by a career-high 120.7 passer rating. He should have another solid game against the Ravens, but the problem for the Bills is on the other side of the ball. Their defense is great against the pass and good-but-not-great against the run. Against Jackson and Baltimore's league-best rushing attack, Buffalo needs to be great. Pick: Ravens 27, Bills 20
  11. ex-Trump mistress Karen McDougal sues Fox News for defamation after ‘extortion’ claim PUBLISHED THU, DEC 5 201911:41 AM ESTUPDATED THU, DEC 5 20193:51 PM EST Dan Mangan@_DANMANGAN KEY POINTS Karen McDougal, the Playboy model who has said she had an affair with President Donald Trump, has filed a lawsuit against Fox News Network for defamation. Fox host Tucker Carlson said on air that two women had threatened to ruin Trump’s career and humiliate his family if he did not give them money, the suit says. “That sounds like a classic case of extortion,” Carlson said. McDougal was paid $150,000 in 2016 by the Trump-friendly supermarket tabloid The National Enquirer after her lawyer tried to sell the story about the alleged affair with Trump to the newspaper. Trump’s then-personal lawyer Michael Cohen that same year paid porn star Stormy Daniels $130,000 in exchange for her silence about what she has said was a sexual tryst with Trump years earlier. Karen McDougal, Playboy Playmate of the Year 1998. Getty Images Karen McDougal — the Playboy model who has said she had an affair with President Donald Trump — has filed a lawsuit against the Fox News Network, alleging that Fox host Tucker Carlson defamed her by falsely claiming she extorted Trump by threatening to go public before the 2016 election about their past relationship. close dialog ALL NEW TUESDAYS 10P ET WATCH NOW McDougal’s suit, filed Wednesday in New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan, says that Carlson’s statements last December on the Fox News Channel “were intentionally false and made with reckless disregard for the truth,” and slandered her. The suit, which seeks unspecified monetary damages, notes that “two women approached Donald Trump and threatened to ruin his career and humiliate his family if he doesn’t give them money.” “Now that sounds like a classic case of extortion,” Carlson added during the Dec. 10, 2018, broadcast of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the suit says. WATCH NOW VIDEO03:07 National Enquirer publisher given immunity over hush-money payment While Carlson never mentioned McDougal by name, “it was obvious to a reasonable viewer who he was referring to particularly when Carlson put a picture of McDougal on the screen while reporting that she extorted Trump,” the suit says. The suit notes that McDougal “never approached Trump and threatened to ruin his career or humiliate his family if he did not give her money.” The network said in an emailed statement, “Fox News will vigorously defend Tucker Carlson against these meritless claims.” McDougal has said she had a 10-month affair with Trump that began in 2006, when he was married to first lady Melania Trump. The president has denied her claims. McDougal was paid $150,000 in 2016 by the publisher of The National Enquirer after an attorney for her tried to sell the story about the affair to that Trump-friendly supermarket tabloid newspaper. David Pecker, CEO of the paper’s publisher, spoke with Trump’s then-lawyer Michael Cohen “to inform him about the story” before the payment was made, the suit says. “At Cohen’s urging and subject to Cohen’s promise that [the publisher] would be reimbursed, the editor began negotiating for the purchase price of the story,” according to court papers. Under the payment agreement, the publisher acquired McDougal’s limited life story for her relationship with “any then married man” — but did not publish her account of the affair, the suit says. The practice of buying the rights to a story with the intention of quashing it from becoming public was known as “catch and kill” at the Enquirer. “Every individual involved in this transaction has never once mentioned, implied or otherwise indicated that McDougal extorted Trump,” the suit says. Cohen that same year paid porn star Stormy Daniels $130,000 in exchange for her silence about what she has said was a sexual tryst with Trump years earlier. That tryst allegedly occurred months after Melania Trump gave birth to her son with the president. Trump has denied having sex with Daniels. Both payments to the women came in the months before the 2016 presidential election. Cohen has testified that he facilitated the payments at Trump’s direction to avoid negative publicity harming his chances to win the race for the White House. Cohen is serving a three-year federal prison term for crimes that include campaign finance violations related to the payments to McDougal and Daniels.
  12. Pelosi directs House Democrats to proceed with articles of impeachment against Trump PUBLISHED THU, DEC 5 20199:10 AM ESTUPDATED 19 MIN AGO Kevin Breuninger@KEVINWILLIAMB KEY POINTS House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday asked the House committees investigating President Donald Trump to proceed with articles of impeachment. “The president’s actions have seriously violated the Constitution,” Pelosi said at a news conference on Capitol Hill. Pelosi’s comments confirm what was widely expected: that the Democrat-controlled House will vote on whether to impeach the president. https://image.cnbcfm.com/api/v1/image/106264232-1574693462579gettyimages-1183777663.jpeg?v=1574693522&w=750&h=422[/img] WATCH NOW VIDEO01:59 Pelosi asks House Judiciary Committee to proceed with articles of impeachment House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday asked the House committees investigating President Donald Trump to proceed with articles of impeachment. close dialog https://assets.bounceexchange.com/assets/uploads/clients/1021/creatives/aaeca1e1e6f5d86641d6a248b3ad1c94.png[/img] ALL NEW TUESDAYS 10P ET WATCH NOW https://assets.bounceexchange.com/assets/uploads/clients/1021/creatives/d839c814d9e07695f4cf9963044b8b27.png[/img] “The president’s actions have seriously violated the Constitution,” Pelosi, D-Calif., said in a statement to reporters on Capitol Hill. He “leaves us no choice but to act,” she said. Pelosi spoke for about six minutes. She took no questions. https://image.cnbcfm.com/api/v1/image/106280558-1575556467780gettyimages-1186561032.jpeg?v=1575556495&w=750&h=422[/img] WATCH NOW VIDEO05:37 Watch Nancy Pelosi’s full statement on Trump impeachment House Democrats are in the midst of an inquiry into whether Trump abused his power by withholding military aid to Ukraine in exchange for that country announcing investigations for his own political benefit and at the expense of U.S. interests. Pelosi’s comments confirm what was widely expected: that the Democrat-controlled House will vote on whether to impeach the president. “Sadly, but with confidence and humility, with allegiance to our founders, and our heart full of love for America, today I am asking our chairmen to proceed with the articles of impeachment,” she said. Minutes after Pelosi concluded her remarks, White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said in a tweet that “we look forward to a fair trial in the Senate.” 10.1K people are talking about this The Judiciary Committee, led by Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., will be responsible for drafting specific articles of impeachment. On Wednesday, Nadler’s committee held a public hearing with four legal scholars who discussed whether Trump’s efforts toward Ukraine met the constitutional bar for impeachment. Trump bashed that proceeding in a pair of tweets prior to Pelosi’s remarks Thursday morning. “The Do Nothing Democrats had a historically bad day yesterday in the House. They have no Impeachment case and are demeaning our Country. But nothing matters to them, they have gone crazy,” he tweeted. Trump added the Republican-led Senate will call Pelosi to testify, along with former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter, whom Trump asked Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskiy to “look into” in a July 25 phone call that helped spark the impeachment probe. 14.9K people are talking about this The Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing Monday morning on the evidence gathered in the impeachment inquiry, Nadler’s panel announced Thursday. US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi speaks about the impeachment inquiry of US President Donald Trump at the US Capitol in Washington, DC, on December 5, 2019. Saul Loeb | AFP | Getty Images Trump and his allies have accused Democrats of ignoring the business of governing by focusing entirely on the impeachment proceedings. “Democrats are too busy hosting a panel of law professors to criticize president Trump on television instead of the things the American people actually need us to address,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said on the Senate floor Thursday. Pelosi clapped back at a news conference later that day. “The Grim Reaper says all we’re doing is impeachment,” Pelosi said, referring to a nickname for McConnell, who has refused to take up many House-passed bills, that he and his supporters have championed. “No. We have 275 bipartisan bills on your desk,” including legislation that would strengthen background checks for gun purchases, Pelosi said. The president also claimed that House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., who led weeks of private and public impeachment hearings with fact witnesses, will be called to appear in the Senate trial. A 300-page report published Tuesday, which was compiled by Schiff and Democrats on the Intelligence, Foreign Affairs and Oversight committees, synthesized the evidence gathered from those hearings. It also contained documentary evidence, including phone records that . Those figures include Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, who was deeply involved in the Ukraine efforts, as well as Giuliani associate Lev Parnas, and charged with conspiracy, lying to the Federal Election Commission and falsifying records. “The facts are uncontested,” Pelosi said in her remarks. “The president abused his power for his own personal political benefit at the expense of our national security by withholding military aid and crucial oval office meeting in exchange for an announcement of an investigation into his political rival.” This is breaking news. Please check back for updates
  13. Hillary Clinton Says She’s ‘Deluged’ with Requests to Run Again https://youtu.be/Xgef8szAyqw During media appearHillary Clinton says she is “deluged” with requests to try another run for president and has still not completely ruled out joining the crowded field of 2020 Democrat candidates. ances in the UK last month, Clinton twice hinted she may make a belated push on the basis she claims so many people want to see her on the national stage once more. Speaking on the BBC’s Graham Norton Show in London last Friday, Clinton confirmed she would “have to make up my mind really quickly” if she was going to join the race. When pushed to respond if she would make a run for the White House for a third time, she prevaricated and avoided a direct reply, instead responding with: “As I say, never, never, never say never.” She did concede she would need to make up her mind “really quickly” about whether or not to jump into the presidential race. Clinton has already missed the filing deadline for the first primary in New Hampshire but there is no deadline for the next caucuses in Iowa in early February. Responding to Norton, Clinton said she had been “deluged” over the last few weeks thinking about running again, but added that, “right now, I’m not, at all, planning that.” Norton asked: “The rumour mill is flying that you could step back into the ring.” Clinton replied: “I hear that. I have been deluged the last few weeks with thinking about doing that, but right now I’m not at all planning that.” Last month Clinton told BBC Radio 5 Live she was under “enormous pressure” to consider a 2020 White House run. When asked about her future in politics, Clinton said, “I feel a sense of responsibility partly because you know my name was on the ballot, I got more votes, but ended up losing to the current incumbent in the White House who I think is really undermining our democracy in very fundamental ways. And I want to retire him.” When asked if she is absolutely ruling it out, Clinton said, “ I will certainly tell you. I’m under enormous pressure from many, many, many people to think about it. But as of this moment, sitting here in this studio talking to you, that is absolutely not in my plans.” Clinton and her daughter Chelsea, are currently in London promoting their new co-authored book – The Book Of Gutsy Women: Favourite Stories Of Courage And Resilience.
  14. Joe Biden Stuns Crowd by Talking about Kids Playing with His Hairy Legs and How Much He Loves Children on His Lap During an earlier campaign stop in Wilmington, Delaware Joe Biden went off script. He went WAY OFF script. While speaking to a black audience Joe Biden suddenly started babbling about children stroking his hairy legs in the pool and how much he loves to have children on his lap. Also something about roaches? That is one of the craziest lines in political history. At what point does Joe’s family step in and put an end to this ongoing embarrassment?
  15. Panthers fire Ron Rivera after eight-plus seasons, Perry Fewell to serve as interim head coach Rivera led the Panthers to four playoff appearances, including Super Bowl 50 by Josh Edwards @JEdwarCBS 6 mins ago • 1 min read The Carolina Panthers have announced the firing of head coach Ron Rivera. The Panthers elected to make the move coming off a disappointing 29-21 defeat at the hands of the Washington Redskins Sunday. Secondary coach Perry Fewell has been named the interim head coach while offensive coordinator Norv Turner will transition to special assistant to the head coach, and quarterbacks coach Scott Turner will serve as offensive coordinator. "I believe this is the best decision for the long-term success of our team," owner David Tepper said in a statement. "I have a great deal of respect for Ron and the contributions he has made to this franchise and to this community. I wish him the best. I will immediately begin the search for the next head coach of the Carolina Panthers." Carolina -- losers of their last four games -- fell to 5-7 on the season. Rivera was in his ninth season as the team's head coach. During that time period, he compiled a 79-67-1 record with four playoff appearances, including Super Bowl 50.
  16. Sunny side up? Why tanning your butt is now a trend By Claire Concannon - 26/11/2019 Share8 Tweet Email WhatsApp Now the internet can be an odd place at times, we’re all very aware of the weird things it puts out. Yet even still coming across the new trend of perineum sunning still shook us. The latest trend rocking the social media world involves sunning an area of the body where the sun should NEVER shine. Yes, we’re talking about that place. ADVERTISING The trend started on Instagram by a healer named Metaphysical Meagan means exactly what it says on the tin, put your legs up in the air and start tanning. See the post below for full accuracy. According to his healer, perineum tanning for just thirty seconds a day is the equivalent of a full day of sunlight while wearing your clothes, how one finds this information out is beyond us. In classic Twitter fashion, users who heard about this new craze took to their platforms to share their thoughts The Instagrammer who started this trend claims that she is more energised, creative and gets better sleep. We don’t know about you, but we think we’ll stick to coffee and napping before trying this out. In a second post, she reveals that this is the gateway where energy enters and exits the body as in ancient Taoist it’s known as the ‘Gate of Life and Death.’ There are no words really. Now while we’re all for trying out new trends, we don’t think this type of tanning is for us, what if it gets burned? Where do you partake in this without being arrested for public indecency? So many questions and we’re afraid we ourselves will never have the answers.
  17. Baltimore Ravens center Matt Skura. Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports Recently lost starting center If there’s one place the Bills can hope to exploit on the Ravens offense, it might be at center. Starting center Matt Skura’s season is over as the Ravens placed him on injured reserve a week or so ago. According to Ravens Wire, Skura was carted off two weeks ago against the Rams after a pile fell on the back of his legs while on the ground. Skura has been a starter for the Ravens since 2018 and graded at a 63.0 overall, per Pro Football Focus’ grading system. Without him, undrafted rookie Patrick Mekari is filling in. But across the board, the Ravens’ offensive line is playing well this season. PFF ranks guard Marshal Yanda as the fourth-best at his position, as is tackle Ronnie Stanley. Across from Stanley is Orlando Brown Jr., as well, who’s PFF’s 22nd-best tackle. Buffalo’s pass rush will be in for a tough battle. Baltimore Ravens running back Mark Ingram II. Credit: Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports Running back resurgence Like Frank Gore, the Ravens have a veteran running back that plays a big role. Gore has taken a backseat to rookie Devin Singletary as of late, but Mark Ingram’s had a bit of a career resurgence. After back-to-back seasons with 1,000-plus yards in 2016 and 2017 with the Saints, he dipped to 645 yards in 2018. Now 30 years old, Ingram already has 837 yards this season as Jackson’s skills have opened things up for Ingram to shine as well. Ingram, a big-bodied back, always has had a knack for the end zone, too. He’s up to nine rushing scores this season, good for third-best in the NFL currently. Tight ends are a go-to The Bills lock up opposing tight ends very well. They’ll need to again against the Ravens. When passing, Jackson’s go-to target is tight end Mark Andrews. Andrews leads the Ravens in catches (53), targets (79), touchdowns (7), and receiving yards (693). But the Ravens have a two-tight end system that Buffalo will need to be aware of. Along with Andrews, former first-rounder Hayden Hurst has 23 catches for 213 yards and a score himself. Hurst has only missed six targets (29 total) sent his way, too. In the past, the Bills haven’t been shy about putting cornerback Tre’Davious White on an opposing tight end past. It might be a good time to do so again. Baltimore Ravens safety Chuck Clark. Credit: Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports Top-10 defense, too Bad news: The Ravens have a solid defense, too. The Bills enter Week 14 with the third-best defense in yards allowed per game at 300.1. The Ravens sit in ninth, allowing 323.4 yards per game. Baltimore inches even closer to the Bills in points allowed per game, ranking fifth at 18.2. Buffalo is third in that category, averaging 15.7 points allowed per game. The Ravens enter the game with a plus-eight turnover differential, which includes 19 total takeaways total. Defenders to be on notice for are pass rushers Matt Judon and Tyus Bowser and some new faces around the secondary. Baltimore Ravens cornerback Marcus Peters. Credit: Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports John Brown’s assignment While not up to Buffalo’s lofty standards, the Ravens defense is led by their secondary like the Bills. Two popular but new faces for the Ravens reside in Baltimore’s secondary in former Ram Marcus Peters and former Seahawk Earl Thomas III. The Ravens as a team rank 13th in terms of passing yards allowed per game at 228.5. But Pro Football Focus grades Peters as the sixth-best cornerback in football currently, while Thomas is No. 15 at safety. Those two will certainly keep an eye on former Raven John Brown, Buffalo’s No. 1 receiver. Cole Beasley will likely have former first rounder Marlon Humphrey covering him as well. Some good and important matchups on the outside.
  18. 8 things to know About the Bills' Week 14 opponent, the Ravens ✔ @Ravens . @Lj_era8 doing @Lj_era8 things #ProBowlVote Greg Roman. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky) Former Bills OC getting lots of praise While Lamar Jackson is extremely impressive, there’s more to football than just one player. The reason for Jackson’s individual successes is because he works in an offensive system that allows him to do so. That system is run by Baltimore offensive coordinator Greg Roman, who held that same job with the Bills. Roman, 47, held that role with the Bills under head coach Rex Ryan. He was curiously fired in September 2016. That came after his offense put up 31 points in a 37-31 loss to the Jets. After that, Roman landed with the Ravens in assistant roles until becoming their full-time offensive coordinator this year. As mentioned, the Ravens offense is the top-scoring unit in the NFL. In terms of overall yards, the Ravens average 420.8 yards per game, the second-most in the NFL. But there is good news: the Bills already beat the top overall offense in the Cowboys just this past week. Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker. Credit: Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports Edged out a top defense Speaking of the Bills beating out the Cowboys and their No. 1 overall offense, the Ravens just did the opposite of that in Week 13. It took a game-winning kick from Justin Tucker, but the Ravens topped the 49ers 20-17 as time expired. It was their eighth win in a row. The 49ers certainly held Jackson in check. He had a season-low 105 passing yards and one touchdown pass a week after he had five touchdowns against the Rams and nine total passing scores in his two previous games combined. Their win came against the 49ers, who are the No. 1 defense in the NFL in yards allowed per game (250.9). Bills beat No. 1 offense, Ravens beat No. 1 defense and now we have an epic meeting up next. 16.3K 1:46 PM - Dec 1, 2019 About the Bills' Week 14 opponent, the Ravens
  19. Sorting the Sunday Pile, Week 13: Seven horrendous losses on an ugly day define multiple NFL seasons The NFL proved ugly in Week 13, so let's rank the seven worst losses from the week that was by Will Brinson @WillBrinson 20 mins ago • 16 min read You cannot lose games in the NFL and expect to win. Trent Dilfer's oft-mocked quotedoesn't pass the "say it out loud" test, but it actually makes a little bit of sense, especially after a Week 13 where we saw a host of just horrific losses from various NFL teams, both good and bad. Some of these games this past week will end up costing people their jobs. Some certainly cost playoff spots. Let's look at the worst losses from a bloody week that was in the NFL. 1. Eagles to Dolphins Easily the worst loss of the day. The Eagles are a would-be playoff team who just saw their primary competition, the Dallas Cowboys, morph into a turkey on Thanksgiving day against the Bills at home, falling to 6-6 and opening the window for Philly to stomp right back into the division race, despite a two-game losing streak out of the Eagles' bye week. Philly was more than willing to oblige the Cowboys interest in keeping the division alive and took an early lead against a two-win Dolphins team. Up 10-0 after a first-quarter Jake Elliott field goal, the Eagles just needed to keep their foot on the gas, run downhill with Miles Sanders and limit Ryan Fitzpatrick from doing Ryan Fitzpatrick things. Then DeVante Parker, who is in the midst of a monster breakout season, decided to steal Jalen Mills' soul on fourth down. Maybe double team the only weapon the Dolphins have at receiver? I don't know. Credit to Parker who just beasted up and stole the ball before sprinting into the end zone. But a stop there for the Eagles and this game probably ends. Instead, it was suddenly 13-7 and the Dolphins had life. You don't want to give a two-win team life at home in a kitchen sink/YOLO game. Do that and you're inviting them to pull off the extremely rare placekicker to punter touchdown pass. This toss from Matt Haack to Jason Sanders only looked like the Colts infamous "worst fake punt ever" -- instead it turned out to be a thing of beauty, the first ever punter to placekicker (or vice versa) touchdown pass of the Super Bowl era. It gave the Dolphins a 14-13 lead and made them believe. Doug Pederson claims the Eagles were ready, but it's hard to imagine that's the case. Philly would rip off 15 unanswered points and take a 28-14 lead, but the Dolphins just went back to the Parker well. Over and over again, Parker burned the Eagles, finishing with seven catches for 159 yards and a pair of scores. After the Eagles led 28-14 in the third quarter, the Dolphins ripped off 23 unanswered points of their own. The Eagles never recovered. Can they recover to make a run this season? They're 5-7 now. The schedule is easy, but how much easier can it be than drawing the Dolphins? The Eagles get the Giants twice, the Redskins once and the Cowboys in Week 16, which is basically looming like a play-in game for the title. Technically Washington can still win the division -- that feels unlikely, but with how the Eagles coughed up a lead in this spot on Sunday, anything is possible. 2. Panthers to Redskins If this is the end of Ron Rivera's run in Carolina, we're probably going to look at Week 13 and peg it as the day the music died. Carolina's loss to the Redskins didn't just snuff out their flickering playoff hopes, it also just looked so bad as it all unfolded. Like the Eagles, Carolina had a substantial lead in this game. The Panthers scored twice -- quickly -- in the first quarter, opening up a 14-0 lead and looking prepared to trash a questionable Washington team. Kyle Allen was making crisp throws, Christian McCaffrey was running the ball well and Carolina was on cruise control against a two-win team that vastly prefers to run the football, starting a rookie quarterback on the road against a veteran defensive coach. Then the wheels came off, completely. Despite holding a two-score lead in this situation, the Panthers allowed the Redskins to rush for 8.3 yards per carry over the course of the game. Adrian Peterson and Derrius Guice combined for 228 yards on just 23 carries. The Redskins ripped off 29 unanswered points by simply running the football down Carolina's throat while trailing by two scores. Of those points, 15 came in the fourth quarter, as the Panthers were completely and utterly helpless to stop Washington. In the final frame, the Redskins ran the ball 11 times for an average of 10.6 yards per carry. It would have been higher, but Guice was ruled down on the one-yard line and had to punch in the touchdown on the ensuing play. Shaq Thompson is having a great season, but he won't want to watch the film of this run. Rivera's calling card is his defense. The Panthers, despite revamping the defensive front this offseason in an image crafted by Rivera -- Brian Burns was added in the draft, Gerald McCoy and Bruce Irvin were signed in free agency -- are one of the worst run defenses in football. Carolina now gives up 5.3 yards per carry (worst in the NFL), 137.5 rush yards per game (fourth-worst) and has allowed 22 rushing touchdowns (by far the most in the league). This was a 4-2 team with playoff hopes when the Panthers returned from London. A four-game skid has sent Carolina reeling to 5-7 and likely ending all hope of Rivera retaining his job. He'll find a new gig quickly. Rivera could quickly stabilize a teetering franchise like the Giants, for example. But with David Tepper wanting to put his own imprint on the $2 billion purchase he made recently, there is all but a guarantee of Rivera and his boss parting ways at this point in time. 3. Browns to Steelers That was a fun week or so of wondering if the Browns could manage to make a playoff run in the AFC. At 5-7, with the Steelers on deck, the Cardinals waiting and the Bengals on the schedule twice, it wasn't that crazy of an outcome to envision. Unfortunately for Freddie Kitchens, this one might linger a bit after Pittsburgh stormed back from a 10-0 deficit to put the Browns' playoff hopes down the drain to Duck Hodges. Kitchens is under even more pressure thanks to the dumbest possible in-season storyline: the Browns coach decided to wear a "Pittsburgh Started It" shirt to the movies on Friday night with his family, had a fan snag a picture and watched it go viral. Steelers players made it clear the shirt motivated them out of the fracas from Week 11. Did the Browns lose because of the shirt? No, of course not. They lost because they're a sloppy, unorganized team riddled with bad decision making. So maybe they did lose because of the shirt, only in a metaphorical way. Wear the shirt after the game. Or don't wear the shirt. Use the shirt as a teaching lesson to your daughters as to why you can't wear it out in public, not without your jacket zipped up. And not while going to a movie, Mr. Rogers, about someone who was born in Latrobe, PA. Again, it's not the shirt. It's what goes into the decision to wear the shirt. The Browns were outcoached and outmaneuvered on Sunday, with Mike Tomlin making adjustments on both sides of the ball to keep the Browns out of the end zone for the third and fourth quarters. After a slow start, the Steelers found the end zone twice, including a Devlin Hodges touchdown pass to James Washington that resulted in an incredible catch by the second-year wide receiver. Tomlin absolutely needs to be in the discussion for Coach of the Year. No one's done more with less this season. Tomlin lost Antonio Brown and Le'Veon Bell this offseason, saw Ben Roethlisberger go down with a season-ending injury in Week 2, and has been missing JuJu Smith-Schuster and James Conner for various stretches of this season. The defense is carrying this team and Tomlin deserves credit for orchestrating what looks like a playoff run for the surprising 7-5 Steelers. It looked like he might find himself on the hot seat as early as Week 3 when the Steelers were winless. Now we have to wonder if he can steal a playoff game. It's the best coaching job of the season so far. 4. Jets to Bengals This was a largely meaningless game for the Jets. They were 4-7 coming in. The playoffs were a pipe dream. Adam Gase has already been given a vote of confidence for 2020. But the effort displayed for this matchup was beyond reprehensible out of the Jets. Cincinnati was 0-11 with Zac Taylor desperate enough for his first win that he would go back to Andy Dalton at quarterback. It worked, with Dalton playing fine -- 22 of 37 for 243 yards, one touchdown, no interceptions -- enough that Cincy could muster 22 points. Dalton broke the record for most all-time passing touchdowns by a Bengals quarterback (shoutout to the coaching staff for initially benching him on his birthday one teeter shy of that record, sheesh) and Taylor got a Gatorade bath for picking up his first win. They wanted this one a lot more than New York, which is why it should be concerning. Gase apparently skipped Thanksgiving with his family to grind on Bengals tape. The result was a six-point effort for New York on a day where the offensive approach was inexplicable. Everyone knows the Bengals weakness lies in stopping the run. You can go to any sports website and look up NFL team stats and figure that out in between slicing some turkey and pouring some gravy. Five minutes on Sports Info Solutions makes it pretty obvious where the Bengals are truly vulnerable: Yards TD Yards/Carry Outside runs vs. Bengals 891 6 5.4 Inside runs vs. Bengals 260 2 4.1 Look, this is some pretty basic-level analysis, right? Cincy has Geno Atkins, don't run at him. Take a look at the film, take a look at the numbers and it's clear you can get outside on the Bengals. These numbers don't include QB runs either: add in Lamar Jackson and Kyler Murray rushing and it spikes up to nine touchdowns and 5.9 yards per carry over the course of the season. So what did Gase do with Le'Veon Bell in the ground game? Plowed him right up the middle, obviously! via Next Gen Stats Bell finished the game with 10 carries for 32 yards. It's doubly infuriating when you look at what Bell did in brief action in the passing game against the Bengals. Five targets, four catches, 35 yards. He averaged seven yards per target and 8.8 yards per catch! Get him outside in space and let Bell go to work. Or just run him up the middle over and over and let your season wither and die on the turf in Cincinnati. Either way. Both sound fun. The Jets converted 7-of-17 third downs (41%, the Bengals went 5-of-14), finished the day with 271 yards (the Bengals had 277), had 15 first downs (the Bengals had 18), engineered four drives of 50+ yards (Cincy had two), held the Bengals to 1.8 yards per carry and still managed to lose 22-6. That's downright impressive. Cincy is the first team since the 1977 Buccaneers to enter a game 0-10 or worse and still win by 15+ points. The Jets are the first team in NFL history to lose to multiple teams who are 0-7 or worse in the same season (they also lost to the 0-7 Dolphins in Week 9). 5. Patriots to Texans This could rank higher if the Pats weren't 10-2 and still holding onto the second seed in the AFC with multiple winnable games on the docket. However, there's plenty of reason to panic in New England on Monday after the Pats lost to the Texans 28-22, with Bill Belichick losing to Bill O'Brien for the first time in five tries. The initial reason for concern if you're a Patriots fan is the lack of offensive explosion. Right now the Pats are just flat out bad on offense. There's no one to scare you -- the Texans doubled Julian Edelman and forced Jakobi Meyers and a banged-up Mohamed Sanu and Philip Dorsett to beat them. When Tom Brady had time, his guys weren't open or they weren't going to the spot he needed them to find. New England hasn't had a deep threat game for a while now, but they are really lacking in firepower. Double up on Edelman and Brady is put in a bad spot. He took a very uncharacteristic five shots of 20+ yards or more down the field on Sunday night, connecting on two of them, including one for a late touchdown to Edelman. The Patriots scored twice in the final five minutes of the game, making this look like a much closer affair than it was. What's odd is the Patriots appeared to be taking control of this game early, with Houston going three-and-out to start the game and New England promptly marching 69 yards on 14 plays, many of them impressive rushing attempts, to set up a field goal. No touchdown was a major blow here with how the Pats have played on offense. Brady's interception on the next drive was killer -- a forced, bad pass from Brady was snared by Bradley Roby and it helped set up a Houston score. Another Texans touchdown made it 14-3 and the Patriots were toast. They seemed to panic and start bombing the ball down the field instead of grinding out Houston via the run game. Deshaun Watson got comfortable and mixed/matched his aerial attack perfectly. The Texans went to DeAndre Hopkins when the Patriots played zone or when he drew Stephon Gilmore in the slot. Otherwise Watson was looking to get Kenny Stills or Will Fuller in single coverage. O'Brien outcoached Belichick in the first half, using Duke Johnson out of the backfield and getting him lined up on Kyle Van Noy and Dont'a Hightower. Belichick countered by putting Jamie Collins on Johnson and it worked, but the damage was done. No one needs another "Time for Pats to Panic??" column. Those are an annual tradition and they end up looking stupid. But this does feel a little different. The offense is disjointed. Detirement is off the table for Rob Gronkowski now, so unless Antonio Brown is cleared by the NFL, there isn't a clear answer for saving them in 2019. Brady isn't washed, but he can't elevate the pieces around him the way he did, say, in 2006. New England's ground game has improved, but the defense has now struggled against the two good offenses -- Houston and Baltimore -- it's played, thanks to their multiple offensive weapons. Just to pile on a bit here too: if the Chiefs beat the Patriots this week in Foxborough and the Bills run the table (by beating both Baltimore and New England), Buffalo could win the AFC East. I don't think the Pats will lose two more games, but there just isn't a clear answer on offense right now. Lose to the Chiefs and their chances of getting a bye/homefield are going to shrink dramatically. The Pats know the score, OK? They need to get the first or second seed, regroup for two weeks, win two playoff games (at least one at home) and then have two weeks to play the NFC champ. It just feels dramatically harder with the Chiefs/Ravens/Texans making them look vulnerable over the last month. 6. Colts to Titans Derrick Henry is morphing into a man child in front of our eyes. The Titans running back continues is on an absolute tear over the last month or so, putting up crazy numbers since Ryan Tannehill took over as the starting quarterback in Week 7. And his last 16 games are even more impressive. Carries Yards/Game Rush Yards/Game TD Yards/Att Derrick Henry since Week 7 119 794 120.7 7 6.1 Derrick Henry last 16 games 319 1,725 107.8 18 5.4 Henry went on a tear like this to close the season in 2018, so it's fair to wonder what happens if he pours it on this year. Henry's got the Raiders next week (23rd in rush defense DVOA), the Texans twice (13th) and Saints (seventh). It's hardly a guarantee he slashes against those teams. But Tannehill's emergence has opened up a ton for Henry, as most rushing quarterbacks do for running backs. Tennessee has surged to 7-5 and, in the process of hammering the Colts on Sunday, bypassed a now 6-6 Indy team. The Colts look like they're being dragged out to sea with the late-season NFL tides, victims of injuries and disastrous special teams. Adam Vinatieri is one of the all-time great kickers, but the Colts refusal to flip him out has been perplexing. He's now 17-of-25 on field goals (68 percent) and 22-of-28 on extra points (less than 75 percent). The latter number is wild, even with the kick being moved back. On Sunday, Vinatieri made a 28-yard field goal, missed both of his extra point tries, had one field goal blocked and then had another field goal blocked to the house to give the Titans the lead. Ryan Tannehill, who is playing some great football right now, hit the Colts with a complete kill shot a few minutes later. At one point in third quarter of this game, Indy led 17-7. They were about to go up 20-17 late in the game on the blocked box try, a 46-yard attempt by Vinatieri. This thing flipped quickly, and it might flip the playoff race for these two franchises. Jacoby Brissett didn't help, either, throwing two just terrible interceptions. I wouldn't be surprised if we ended up finding out he's more injured than we've known. He doesn't look right. With Marlon Mack and T.Y. Hilton missing, there's not enough offense to go around as the Colts fight to stay in the playoff hunt. Houston and Tennessee look too strong. No one's getting fired as a result of this situation in Indy, but there will be questions asked about various positions as the Colts drift further from the playoffs. 7. Jaguars to Buccaneers This game, on the other hand, may have signaled the end of the Doug Marrone Era in Jacksonville. It's entirely possible Tom Coughlin and Dave Caldwell are out as well, although how the Jags finish and what Shad Khan decides to do this offseason could always change. Jacksonville decided to bench Gardner Minshew for Nick Foles ahead of Week 11 against the Colts and it backfired spectacularly. The Jags managed to score 36 points over the two and a half games with Foles in at quarterback. That's unacceptable given his price tag and how Minshew looked. The Jaguars should have continued to evaluate the younger player but felt compelled to try and justify the hefty contract they gave Foles this offseason. With him under center against Tampa Bay, the Jaguars managed to open up the game with three straight turnovers. Foles threw an interception on his first drive and the Bucs marched down the field for a touchdown to make it 7-0. Two plays later, Foles was strip-sacked and rookie Devin White scooped the ball up and went 14 yards for the score. Jacksonville drove all the way down to the Bucs red zone on the next possession when Foles was again sacked and fumbled. The game was basically over after that, with crazy winds whipping in Jacksonville and the Jags offense completely lethargic. The Jags would punt four times before half when Minshew came in with the Bucs leading 25-0. The long-term decision making in Jacksonville the quarterback position has snuffed out any window this franchise had. Foles' big contract was the unnecessary solvent for the unnecessary extension for Blake Bortles. The Jags drafted Leonard Fournetteinstead of taking Deshaun Watson, who they liked in the draft process, or Patrick Mahomes. Cleaning up the mess likely will be someone else's job.
  20. Da Bills have an upcoming clash that might be the highlight of the NFL's next slate of games in Week 14. Not many predicted the Bills (9-3) and Ravens (10-2) would have the records that they have heading into this game.
  21. 'Thanksgiving Special' is Bills' new play of the year Justin DiLoro 6 hours ago There’s a good chance that if you watched the Buffalo Bills-Dallas Cowboys game on Thanksgiving that you took a moment from your plate and yelled at the television. And it didn’t matter if you were a Bills fan, Cowboys fan, a general football of football, or just needed a distraction from the inlaws. Your interest peaked just after the two-minute warning in the first half. The Bills were driving into Cowboys’ territory. With the score tied at seven, Buffalo could take a lead into halftime with some clever play-calling and execution. The Bills defense shut down the Cowboys after the initial drive of the game, so Buffalo could be aggressive with their playcalling. On fourth down at Dallas’ 30-yard-line, the Bills passed on a second field goal attempt which would have been a long 48-yard attempt, as their first one was unsuccessful. Quarterback Josh Allen fumbled the snap and jumped Superman-style over the defensive line to secure the first down. However, this play only set up the play of the season for the Bills. Rather than run the clock down to ensure that they would have the lead going into halftime, offensive coordinator Brian Daboll took the bull by the horns (purposeful Cowboy comparison) and threw caution into the wind. Daboll called what is affectionately being called the Thanksgiving Special, culminating with a pass and the final lead change of the game. Allen handed off to Andre Roberts, who was already in motion. The wideout then pitched to John Brown, who was returning across the field on a reverse. Brown then delivered a perfect pass to Devin Singletary, who ran a wheel route and was lost among the trickery of the play. While the play was exciting, it’s the greater symbolism of the call that makes it important. Buffalo stepped on the throat of an opponent when they had the chance. This wasn’t done against a team working toward a top-ten draft pick, this occurred against the NFC East divisional leaders in front of a nationally-televised audience. The Bills, at this moment, decided to announce the NFL-viewing audience that the team should be taken seriously. The ball traveled through several players whom the Sean McDermott-Brandon Beane regime brought to the team in various capacities. From the snap of Mitch Morse, brought to Buffalo to help improve a struggling offensive line; to Josh Allen, drafted to give the Bills a legitimate game-breaking quarterback; to Andre Roberts, making his way to Western New York to help a pitiful special teams unit; to John Brown, signed to give Allen a real weapon in the passing game; to Devin Singletary, an overachieving diminutive running back who simply gets the job done and support the running game; the play encapsulated so much about the Bills process over the past two-and-a-half years in an eight-second play. That play essentially crushed the spirit of Cowboys Nation while simultaneously vaulting the Bills into the national spotlight. It’s quite a place to be for Buffalo as they make their push into the playoff run. This drive and play epitomize the team’s overachieving status this year.
  22. 2019 Playoff Picture, Week 13: Ravens take top spot from reeling Patriots, Bills a threat in AFC East? The AFC playoff race looks like it's going to be wide open Just when you thought everything was going to be obvious in the playoffs, the Houston Texans go out and throw a major monkey wrench in the Patriots' plans to wrap up the top seed, thumping the Pats on Sunday night in Houston. Because of the Texans' win, the AFC is suddenly wide open at the top. Both the Ravens and Pats are 10-2 and look like the best bets for the top two seeds. However, the Ravens have a tiebreaker over the Pats by virtue of their head-to-head win in Baltimore a few weeks ago. Also, the Chiefs, at 8-4, are about to head to New England and play the Pats. Beat the Patriots and you're just one game back of New England for a bye with the tiebreaker in hand. That was a statement win by the Texans that keeps them in the lead for the division and throws the AFC into chaos. The Texans have a tiebreaker over the Chiefs and Patriots, the Chiefs have a tiebreaker over the Ravens, the Ravens have a tiebreaker over the Patriots and the Chiefs and Patriots are playing next week. Oh, and let's not forget the Bills are lingering with a chance to snipe the division. In fact, the Bills can actually steal the No. 1 overall AFC seed -- if they win out (they play the Ravens next week and have the Patriots again) and the Chiefs beat the Pats next week, Buffalo would be the top seed in the AFC. This race is going to be wild down the stretch. Week 13 is almost in the books and there's a lot to go over. Fortunately Will Brinson, John Breech, Ryan Wilson and Sean Wagner-McGough are here to break everything down on the Pick Six Podcast. Listen below and be sure toardrums. AFC: Who's in 1. Baltimore Ravens (10-2) The Ravens did it again, managing to win their eighth straight game with a thrilling victory over the 49ers at home on Sunday afternoon. It required a Justin Tucker field goal to make it happen, and the Ravens looked like they were living on the edge for a while, but they toppled the best team in the NFC and are staking their claim to get home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. 2. New England Patriots (10-2) The Patriots lost to the Texans and looked very vulnerable, especially on offense. The Pats haven't been very good offensively for a few weeks now. 3. Houston Texans (8-4) The Texans put together an incredible performance against the Patriots on Sunday night, beating the Pats at home to give themselves a real chance at making a push up the AFC standings. 4. Kansas City Chiefs (8-4) The Chiefs laid wood on the Raiders Sunday afternoon, easily beating Oakland 40-9in a game that was never really very close. Patrick Mahomes hasn't been exceptional since his injury, but the Chiefs defense has drastically improved over the last month or so. They're still vulnerable against the run, but this looks like a team that could be terrible for most of the year and suddenly peak on defense as the playoffs roll around. The Chiefs should be in cruise control for the AFC West at this point, but lose the third seed tiebreaker to the Texans if the two teams tie. 5. Buffalo Bills (9-3) The Bills are nearly locked for the playoffs at this point, having won nine games and seeing the rest of the AFC contenders suffer losses. It would take a total collapse for Buffalo to miss the playoffs. It's hard not to be impressed by what they did in Dallas on Thanksgiving -- that defense is legit in the secondary and Josh Allen is starting to sort of morph into a dangerous quarterback. 6. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-5) The Steelers just will not die. In fact, they're killing off would-be playoff rivals behind Devlin Hodges, who replaced Mason Rudolph and has helped earn the Steelers a pair of division wins. Benching Rudolph was the smart move and the Steelers would be crazy to go back to him at this point. Hodges acquitted himself well against Cleveland and now the Browns are probably dead in the water. AFC: Who's out 7. Tennessee Titans (7-5): The Titans are suddenly rolling, having won three games in a row and looking substantially better on offense with Ryan Tannehill under center. The defense and special teams delivered big plays against the Colts as well, with a blocked punt making the difference as well as a couple key picks of Jacoby Brissett. They're making a serious push in both the division and the wild-card races. 8. Oakland Raiders (6-6): The Raiders suffered a brutal blow to their playoff and divisional hopes over the past two weeks, including Sunday's loss to the Chiefs. The Raiders are just one game back of the Steelers, so they're not dead yet, but losing to the Jets two weeks ago and no-showing against the Chiefs is certainly not helping matters. 9. Indianapolis Colts (6-6): The Colts are in a bit of a freefall now, having lost four of their past five games. That win against the Chiefs in Kansas City feels like forever ago. The kicking is a problem with Adam Vinatieri, and while Jacoby Brissett has been good, he has made some key mistakes. With the Titans surging and the Texans looking sharp, it feels like the Colts might be in trouble. 10. Cleveland Browns (5-7): The Browns' season probably officially died Sunday. Maybe Pittsburgh started it, but the Steelers definitely ended it. 11. Jacksonville Jaguars (4-8): The Jaguars got embarrassed for the second week in a row, this time by the Buccaneers at home in a game where they were forced to bench Nick Foles for Gardner Minshew. Things are sinking fast in Jacksonville. 12. Denver Broncos (4-8): Crazy win for Drew Lock in his first start. Denver might make a little run here to justify Vic Fangio's seat staying cool and giving Lock some more run. He looked sharp early.