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Apple-thieving moose feuds with robotic lawnmower

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A moose and a robotic lawnmower engaged in a lengthy battle as the moose attempted to steal apples from a backyard tree. The moose made several unsuccessful attempts to intimidate the lawnmower before scurrying back into the wilderness defeated. 

WASHINGTON, Sept. 29 (UPI) -- A moose known for stealing apples from a backyard tree has developed an antagonistic relationship with a robotic lawn mower.

Video shared to YouTube shows the apple thief slowly creeping up to a fence surrounding the yard before encountering the lawnmower.

The determined animal approached the robotic maintenance tool, posturing and stomping on the ground in an attempt to frighten the lawnmower, as it continued along its route unfazed.

Failing to assert its dominance the critter turned its focus to snacking on the apple tree, before once again becoming distracted by the lawnmower.

The two parties continued their confrontational dance until the flustered moose eventually fled back into the surrounding wilderness.

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