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Hunter Huskey's __"THE MOOSEBURGER" eh! The Mooseburger

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oldmankd333.gifHunter Huskey's __"THE MOOSEBURGER" eh!
image.png.2c23ff58980d4083b75328d57d36fb81.pngThe Mooseburgerimages?q=tbn:ANd9GcTLQPQubS-l2S7jhPXg7gZ 9k=Ingredients

1 lg Sesame seed bun
1 Lettuce leaf
1 Thick tomato slice
1 Thick onion slice
1/4 sl Dill pickle
8 Ounces of ground moose made into patty

NOTE: For extra zest, mix moose meat with 2 oz of ground pork or sausage. Broil patty to taste. Place on 1/2 of steamed sesame seed bun. Add onion, pickle, tomato, and lettuce, and top with favorite sauce. Serves 1
__________________ images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQBYgV1k_RcyMiST3VzQq2
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