Seattle woman receives fake movie money from ATM

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A Seattle woman who received a badly damaged $20 bill from an ATM examined the cash more closely and discovered it was a movie prop.

Darcy Fox said she withdrew $300 from the ATM at a Bank of America in the Wedgwood neighborhood Monday and quickly noticed one of the $20 bills she received was badly frayed and was being held together with tape.

Fox said in a Facebook post she went inside to exchange the bill and noticed while waiting in line that it wasn't real cash at all -- it was a movie prop.

"Motion Picture Use Only," the bill reads where it should say, "United States of America."

"It bewildered me that they could actually have that occur at a bank," Fox told KOMO-TV.

Fox's post said the bank refused to exchange the fake bill, but a Bank of America representative said Fox has since been given a real $20 bill.

The bank said there are safeguards meant to keep counterfeit money out of ATMs but did not elaborate on the details.

"I mean this is blatantly fake money. The bank isn't supposed to miss these things," Fox said. "I just don't want this to happen to other people. A bank industry is supposed to be trustworthy."

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