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Calif. forestry workers have adorable encounter with bear cub

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A trio of workers for the Yoruk Tribe were clearing brush from roads in rural Del Norte County when the cub ran out in front of their vehicle. The workers used cellphones to record the encounter and posted it to the tribe's Facebook page. The cub walked over the feet of workers and climbed up into the wheel well of the truck, where it posed for photos.

The cub's mother was on watch at the side of the road. The men let the cub leave of its own accord and after a few moments it hopped down and scurried back into the woods with its mother.

Normally wild bears are notoriously skittish, especially young cubs. But the increasing number of encounters with humans and the manmade bear delicacies like trash and pet food have led some of the foragers to become increasingly at ease in the presence of humans.

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