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Teens get nine years in jail for 'horrific, brutal and callous' torture of friend

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Taylor Jacksch. 

BARRIE, ONT. - Two Barrie-area teens were sentenced to nine years each in prison Tuesday for the “horrific, brutal and callous” torture of one of their friends, leaving their victim for dead with a punctured lung, severed nose, ear and thumb.

“The circumstances are horrifying,” said Justice Simon Armstrong in passing sentence.

Taylor Jacksch, and John Davey, both 19, pleaded guilty to the attempted murder of school friend Michael Linke, 20, of Stayner. All three met at Stayner Collegiate Institute high school in Stayner, west of Barrie.

Court heard the duo were 18 at the time and involved in drug trafficking, They were enraged with Linke — who was not involved in drugs or alcohol — because he revealed one of their drug plans to someone.

On Christmas Eve, 2016, they lured Linke into their car and took him to a wooded trail near Orillia. At one point the vehicle got stuck in the snow and the victim gave up his coat to put under the tire for traction.

Once on the trail, Davey suddenly stabbed Linke between the shoulder blades with a machete.

Linke was ordered to sit on the ground as they scolded him and took turns torturing him with a machete and a knife. The attack went on for 30 minutes with pauses whenever Linke passed out.

Left alone to die, Linke struggled to pack snow around his multiple stab wounds. He was found hours later by a dog walker, laying face-down in the bloodied snow. He received several hours of surgery in Toronto hospital where his ear, nose and thumb were re-attached.

“I did not die that night but much of me is lost and I don’t know if I will ever recover,” Linke said in a victim impact statement.


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