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Video shows dramatic rescue of drowning boy after 8 minutes underwater

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Surveillance video shows bystanders and police officers rescue a boy stuck underwater in a pool at a South Carolina resort.

A boy who was trapped underwater for close to eight minutes in a South Carolina pool owes his life to the quick-thinking actions of a group of bystanders.

Surveillance video from the Avista Resort in North Myrtle Beach shows bystanders frantically try to pull the boy up, whose leg was stuck in the pool’s filter pipe. With their attempts failing, a man dives under to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation underwater.

Police officers can be seen jumping in to help free the boy who had been stuck for over seven minutes. The officers are finally able to free him after hotel maintenance staff turn off the pool’s pumps, close to eight minutes after the boy first went under.


Once the boy was pulled out, two officers can be seen performing CPR, with one pumping his chest and the other giving him mouth-to-mouth.

The video of the heroic rescue, which happened last month, was only recently released to the Myrtle Beach Sun News

The boy was rushed to Grand Strand Regional Medical Center where he was reportedly in stable condition.

The video also shows how the 12-year-old boy originally got stuck underwater after lifting the grate covering the pool’s filter pipe.

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